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Do basic core educational systems enable global understanding and cooperation?

The world has been changing rapidly in last 30 years with the help of technology and easy access to create, gather and share information. We are certainly living in more global societies than we did 20 year ago. As the cultures mix and people learn to co exist, learn from each other and progress towards better futures, are the educational system aligned to develop the young fresh eager to learn minds to understand and cope with tomorrow’s world?
Many core curricula consist of nationalist and internal focused studies, but often fail to educate the young minds of global contributions and progress made towards human development. Some countries go to the extent of developing hatred towards other nations by teaching carefully developed lessons that feed certain political and national interests. Several cultures from different continents have contributed positively in terms of inventions and major discoveries which is essential for the young minds to learn at an early age. This enables them to understand, respect and value other cultures and cope with the global societies better in the future world.
Are there any significant changes made or are being made globally, especially in the developing countries, to educate young minds on such global contributions that enable them to respect other cultures and promote global integrated thinking towards progress?


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    Gail . 50+

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    Feb 18 2013: What you speak of is against all that our global economy stands for.

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