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Do YOU dream?

Do YOU dream?

Of course you do, we all do.

It is one of the great traits that we as human beings all share in common.

Dreams are powerful, influential and more significant than anyone truly comprehends.

Forever dream, dream forever.


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    Feb 20 2013: FOOD FOR THOUGHT...
    On Wednesday, January 10th 2001, I had to interview someone in my
    communications class for my university entrepreneur program. The person that I
    interviewed, mentioned vampires on two separate occasions. That night I dreamt
    about an encounter with a vampire, strange is it not?
    Also, Tuesday, September 11th 2001, I had a “night terror” where in the dream I
    had a near death experience while I was working for Coca Cola which is where I
    was really working at the time. Is it a coincidence or irony that I had my worst
    night terror on the very same day that North America witnessed the worst terrorist
    attack in history?

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