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Do YOU dream?

Do YOU dream?

Of course you do, we all do.

It is one of the great traits that we as human beings all share in common.

Dreams are powerful, influential and more significant than anyone truly comprehends.

Forever dream, dream forever.


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  • Feb 18 2013: I dream daily and I dream gladly! For it is the most precious treasure that I have.
    However, I have learned, from personal experience that one can be held hostage by your dreams if you forget to live. To be able to dream is a great gift but you must always be able to act on it or at least bring it in balance with the reality of life.
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      Feb 20 2013: Dreams are fascinating to me because dreams are infinite. There is no limit to the
      possibilities and endless anomalies of dreams. Dreams are unpredictable yet dreams can
      be categorized, characterized, influenced and even controlled. Dreams are a paradox of
      time and space because dreams are intertwined with reality. The conscious mind is
      interconnected with the subconscious mind, therefore, conscious thoughts can influence
      subconscious thoughts and vice versa. Meaning, you could dream about whatever you
      love or desire and if you follow the good signs, you can make your dreams come true.
      • Feb 21 2013: I agree! The problem is that most people dream but do not have the courage or the will to follow their dreams. It took me 22 years before I realized that I had to act on it.
        Most people are taught to ignore the dreams and focus on 'real life'. To me dreams are as real as the world out there. In fact, it hadn't been for the dreams of others the world we live in would not have had existed. Dreams are what shapes the world, creates both the present and the future (and to some extent even the past).
        You are right to call dreams are paradoxes. In a way you could say that dreams are the soul of reality because on one side they are set apart and yet they are intertwined with reality to such an extend that they are shaping it, holding it together or changing it.

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