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Will the Idle No More movement actually make a change for the better?

The Canadian First Nations grassroots, Idle No More movement lit a match to protest across Canada and spread to Aboriginal peoples and supporters around the world.

From the initial small protest about hundreds of missing First Nations women that law enforcement has not solved to environmental protection blossomed to encompass all First Nations political and social concerns as well as environmental concerns by both First Nations and environmentalists. Especially important is that Canada's current government is committed to make Canada a major exporter of oil, gas and coal. To this end, major international producers are planning to build or expand the pipelines. Those pipelines are primarily on First Nations Land.

The question: Is Idle No More a passing activist fad or will it continue to grow and gain support of the Canadian and international community.

Will the commitment of the Canadian government stand firm and erode First Nations rights in their focus on building the economy on resource export?

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    Feb 18 2013: I have been watching this and I really admire the leadership of Chief Spence. I think she has made some mistakes but overall I have to give her credit. I hope it will have an impact but greed usually wins out. It is nice to have hope but I am a realist at heart.

    If nothing else, I hope it will increase communications between isolated indigenous peoples and leverage the communities that still remain. I love how Native and First Nations people across countries and tribes have risen to support her initiative.
  • Feb 18 2013: Recent web surveys prove your point. Public interest in waning substantially due to the general public's lack of understanding of the issues.....and too many issues.

    But it did achieve a purpose that core issues were brought to the public attention.....for good or ill.

    It is an 'unprofessional' grassroots movement that achieved far more than expected. It showed that there are many people, not just FN who are very dissatisfied with the Canadian governments's attitude on resource development and Indian Act policies.

    i am wondering if the success of 'Arab Spring' has encouraged the general public to realize that activism can work and are now doing so in more numbers.

    The No Pipeline demonstration yesterday in Washington was the largest yet. Is this a signal that the 'Natives are getting restless'....and I don't mean just FN?

    I think we should still be watching signs of stronger public activism. I can only hope.
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    Feb 18 2013: .
    (1) "Idle No More movement" gives us real valid happiness.
    (2) 'Building the economy on resource export' gives us harmful invalid happiness.

    (For details, see 1st article, points 1-3, 14, at
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    Feb 18 2013: The movement is bound to fail. Why? Because it is the disadvantage of too high ideals that they do not act. INM should remain local and focused on a single issue, only then it could grow.