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white house press leaks

Yet another white house press leak has surfaced this time on immigration politcy.

Are they by design? What is the purpose? Why are they called leaks? Has anyone ever been punished for white houe leaks? Has there ever been an investigation? Was Deep Throat actually a white house leak?

Do white house leaks have the same potential as wiki leaks? Can they cause harm? Ruin careers? Influence policy and decision making?

Are press conferences after "SECRET" meetings a breach of protocol and in fact security leaks?

Is it just a coincendence that favored media get the leaks? Lucky ... huh.

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    Gail .

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    Feb 18 2013: White house leaks can be very dangerous. Take our entry into the Iraq war, for instance.

    Cheney "leaked" stories to a reporter, and then reported on her reports.

    Bush leaked the identity of a covert agent, not only ruining her career, but the ability to attract new agents and the ability of existing under-cover agents to be trusted.

    If you want to criticize government and be respected in your views, a more honest presentation of facts would help you.
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      Feb 18 2013: The post asks 12 specific questions. You faithfully fulfilled your partisan duties by changing the timeframe of the post in order to impugn the former administration and defend the current one, but you failed to answer eleven of the questions. Will you share those opinions also?