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Implementing a RBE in NYC housing projects

If you understand the concept of an RBE, you'd know that technology and the demise of currency is inevitable. Itll most likely happen after a huge worldwide catastrophe...but I dont think we should wait for that. I think we should prepare each other and resist money. I propose an info share in the projects. An example would be using 3d printers. My brother can show people how to build the machines, the machines can print out parts for new machines, and kids could design and print their own toys. It would decrease the sales of toys, and increase creativity, community, and awareness. I have other ideas that would incorporate permaculture, healthy eating, and maintenance. Please let me know your thoughts.

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    Feb 18 2013: and here we go again. the venus project conversation of the month.
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    Gail .

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    Feb 18 2013: I thought that RBE pertained to radioactivity. Did you have another definition in mind?
  • Feb 18 2013: RBE explain please.