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Globalization is helping increase Wealth of Developed World

Globalization is enabling consumer & related products / services at cheaper costs to people of developed world. Technology & patents for most products needed by majority of world population is controlled by Developed world.
Education system of Developed world is geared towards Innovation / leaders. Education system of Developing world is geared towards making more engineers who can be good subordinates. Due to high unemployment in developing world most young population is focused only on ensuring they are employed (they cannot even dream of failing); whereas Developed world respects failure by its work-force.


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    Feb 18 2013: G'day Kapalli

    I live in a developed country & I can see how it's sucking off underdeveloped countries. The developed countries around the world have always sucked of underdeveloped & non-developed countries for their wealth, it's a fact.

    Even in Australia we pay a lot more for everything compared to the US who we are obviously financially propping up.

    Developed countries might give assistance but they certainly get back their monies worth many times over in one way or another.

    • Feb 24 2013: I think it is a naive sight if people say the developed countries suck off the non-developed. To let this be true, it must be like if Einstein dies, his neighbor continues his work with same perfection. Well, if my neighbor dies, i could not become him over night.

      What i mean is, if all developed countries would dissapear, the non-developed would not improve. They might fall down even more, because their life standard also benefits from standards in developed countries.

      So what do they suck off? Deposits? Well, these would simply stay in the ground untouched, because non-developed countries have no use for them. Workforce? Only were they have not invented a machine yet.

      Some people seem to have the image that "the evil first world" stole the secret of evolution and hides it from the non-developed countries. Even the first world had to invent all that first, before they could benefit from it. It was not there before, so it was not stolen, nor sucked off somebody in non-developed areas.

      And what is wealth? Money? Well, arabian states are very wealthy, but once you subtract everything made or invented in first world, what is left over then? Deposits, which are not used. And lots of sand.

      How did the first world become all that what is is today? They stopped civil wars, intercontinental wars and began to work/live together in peace. The so called non developed countries were pretty much on the same level or above back in these days.
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        Feb 24 2013: G’day Lars

        Don’t take offence but this argument is quite lame & a little ignorant, what happened to the American Indians & why is the US in particular so dominantly wealthy? Simple they took what wasn’t there’s to get where they are today. How much gold was taken out of the land that was either swindles or taken by force for starters & this is only the tip of the ice berg. The American Indians where used & abused & guess what it is still happenings to day. If the yanks want what is on Indian land they just move them somewhere else & this is only one part of the world I’m talking about.

        Recently we had a more highly developed countries invade another country for oil & of course they didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction unlike you would find in the invading countries .

        If you want me to go on about how developed countries have used & abused less developed countries I will but I think it’s pointless, I live in a developed country but I can see less developed countries plight because why? I’m not afraid to look at the wrong we have done & are doing in the world unlike some.


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