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How TED can spread great ideas even faster and even further?

TED is great. We all can see that but there are many ways to make TED even greater. I have many ideas on how TED can spread ideas quicker. What do you think about these ideas and what ideas do you have for TED to spread great ideas even quicker? Humanity is in desperate need to solve our problems quickly and TED can play an even greater part.

My ideas:
1) TED may seek to get part of their Live TED, TEDGlobal and TED MED conferences to be aired on the major TV networks or cable.

2) Ted can show entire TED Conferences Live as it occurs and allow millions and millions of more people around the world to pay an affordable price of approximately $20.00 to see the live event or the full video at a later date. The current price of $995 for 1 up to 10 viewers is too high. (TED will make much more money with the increased volume of viewers than they are currently with high price and less viewers.) Allow purchase or viewing of entire past TEDs.

3) The full TED Conferences should be free in its entirely for universities, schools and hospital facilities and nonprofit community organizations to show.

4) TEDxLiveSimulcast should be available for all the days of the TED conferences not just one day.

5) TED can establish a network TV show or cable TV Show for one hour per day or 2 hours per week where speakers may give original talks to educate the TV audience.

6) TED can try to get their TED events simulcasted in movie theaters throughout the world where people can purchase a ticket to see a 2 hour segment for the price of seeing a movie. If the person wants to stay to see more than one segment they can just purchase more tickets. Many theaters are multiplexes and can reserve one theater to show the entire TED Conference.

7) Many of the translation and captions are not correct and should be double-checked and corrected.

8) TEDxIndividual could be added where an individual may apply for a licence to use the TEDxIndividual Logo to give their own ted talk from home.


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    Feb 18 2013: Wow I found many answers to similar questions previously asked.


    So I will add to my question: How can we all help TED Spread Ideas worth Spreading Even Faster? How do we implement the great ideas we hear about on TED even more effectively?
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      Feb 20 2013: Michelle, it seems you are an endless source of TED improvements and I assume you haven't even revealed the tip of the iceberg of your creativity yet ... :o)

      But unfortunately, the implementation of TED's and other great ideas remains the difficult part.

      Much of what we get to hear on this site appears to me as beautiful 'concept cars', all new and beautiful by their looks and sketched by talented and passionate designers. Yet after 'reality check' of those concepts within 'the company', most of us get to buy only the ordinary models at our 'real life' car dealers... :o)

      I assume, that since the beginning of civilization, there has never been a lack of good and better ideas than the ordinary ones in charge, so one could ask, why 'we' didn't manage to implement them? Here, I am afraid, we enter the vast fields of political and economical interests, which are reason why we still have the ordinary... :o) So if you have a working idea how to bypass this current and static 'model' of this world and make it evolve as a whole instead, I would love to hear about it... :o)
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        Feb 20 2013: I was wondering if you can look at it like this. What is ordinary today was outstanding in the past. What is 'concept car' today will be 'real car' in future. It's a time perspective really. Companies will be better off by appreciating this.

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