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How TED can spread great ideas even faster and even further?

TED is great. We all can see that but there are many ways to make TED even greater. I have many ideas on how TED can spread ideas quicker. What do you think about these ideas and what ideas do you have for TED to spread great ideas even quicker? Humanity is in desperate need to solve our problems quickly and TED can play an even greater part.

My ideas:
1) TED may seek to get part of their Live TED, TEDGlobal and TED MED conferences to be aired on the major TV networks or cable.

2) Ted can show entire TED Conferences Live as it occurs and allow millions and millions of more people around the world to pay an affordable price of approximately $20.00 to see the live event or the full video at a later date. The current price of $995 for 1 up to 10 viewers is too high. (TED will make much more money with the increased volume of viewers than they are currently with high price and less viewers.) Allow purchase or viewing of entire past TEDs.

3) The full TED Conferences should be free in its entirely for universities, schools and hospital facilities and nonprofit community organizations to show.

4) TEDxLiveSimulcast should be available for all the days of the TED conferences not just one day.

5) TED can establish a network TV show or cable TV Show for one hour per day or 2 hours per week where speakers may give original talks to educate the TV audience.

6) TED can try to get their TED events simulcasted in movie theaters throughout the world where people can purchase a ticket to see a 2 hour segment for the price of seeing a movie. If the person wants to stay to see more than one segment they can just purchase more tickets. Many theaters are multiplexes and can reserve one theater to show the entire TED Conference.

7) Many of the translation and captions are not correct and should be double-checked and corrected.

8) TEDxIndividual could be added where an individual may apply for a licence to use the TEDxIndividual Logo to give their own ted talk from home.


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    Feb 17 2013: Continued
    17) It would be a great idea where people can a give virtual TED talk from their home to reduce the carbon footprint of speakers having to fly from around the world to give a talk.

    18) TEDFocus can be organized monthly where specific topics and subjects can be covered rather than general themes ie: Sustainability, Promoting Global Peace, Food, Compassion, Energy, Parenting, Technology, The Global Mind, Earth, Inc. Animal Rights, Farming for the Future.

    19) Tedx events can have more than just 100 people in the audience, at least up to 350 people.

    20) Organizers of Tedx events should be able to give at least one tedx talk of their own and be allowed to make a reasonable profit to organize the event.

    21) People could order individualized TED or TEDx Talk tapes or written trascripts

    22) The TED conferences can be extended longer enabling a doubling of ted talks

    23) TEDVirtual 365/24/7 Ted can organize new virtual talks 365 days per year, 7 days per week 24 hours per day.

    24) TED International one annual event can be held in a different nation each year.

    25) Ted AudienceSpeaksOut TED Conference Audience members may have lots to say. They should be given the opportunity to video their 18 minute TED Talk though a TED video booth in the lobby of TED Conferences where they can apply to have their own talk filmed and uploaded on the internet if they follow the format of TED Talks.

    26) TED does not encourage self promotion. Many people have great ideas but often do not mention the name of their company or how to get their product in their talk. Speakers should be able to inform the listeners how to get their products.

    27) TED Live Conversations, TED Debates, TEDThinkTank, TedQuestion and Answers, TED Roundtable

    28) Allow TEDCommunity members to register to connect with each other in virtual conferences to discuss specific topics at the same time over the internet and allow other people to listen in.

    29) Allow TEDMEDx to be organized as well.

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