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Teacher - English and Research, Glendale School, Inc. (QC, Phil)

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What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?

Hi everyone! I am working on a research about the gifted and creative individuals. I'd like to know what are the challenges that the gifted and creative people experience in your country. Share your thoughts please :) Thanks!


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    Mar 11 2013: I myself was born a gifted and talented individual, my main problem is socializing with other students and high sensitivity with the things around me, this also deals with a change in my senses.
    • Mar 11 2013: I am 60 now, but as a teen I had to curb my expression (dumb-down) to talk to my friends so they understood me.
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      Mar 13 2013: hey andrew! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! In which field are you specifically gifted at? What's your other concerns

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