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What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?

Hi everyone! I am working on a research about the gifted and creative individuals. I'd like to know what are the challenges that the gifted and creative people experience in your country. Share your thoughts please :) Thanks!


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  • Mar 10 2013: I would say the greatest challenge for me is earning a living. I live in the UK. We do have a creative industry definitely but not enough of one so opportunity to actually earn a living using your creative skills is very limited. I can list many creative people in my life, myself included, who have not been able to fulfill their full creative potential.

    Creativity in schools, both in teaching and learning and the curriculum is limited though naturally varies from school to school/teacher to teacher, but I would say that over all creativity is side-lined. Seen as not as important, irrelevant almost.
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      Mar 13 2013: So gifted can excel in school but not at work... makes sense! It's going to be a long, crazy line of dilemmas... thank you

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