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What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?

Hi everyone! I am working on a research about the gifted and creative individuals. I'd like to know what are the challenges that the gifted and creative people experience in your country. Share your thoughts please :) Thanks!


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  • Feb 20 2013: The biggest problem that gifted and creative people face is that they are sometimes identified early and then educated by a system run by people who want to train them like show horses or exploit them. The present educational system is geared to create orderly classrooms and low but steady progress. Education does not create or develop genius.
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      Feb 23 2013: Any proposals on how to solve this? Thanks
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        Feb 27 2013: My proposal is to take education out of the hands of commerce. Let it be a stand-alone adventure.

        Right now, education exists to turn individuals into commodities - commodities who can get jobs that allow them to consume, thus funneling profits back into the hands that have the most to gain from our current educational paradigms that intentionally kill innate genius (which incudes creativity) that all are born with.

        Next, get those teachers who love teaching away from students who love learning. Education should be about the student, not the teacher.

        Also, get rid of the power hierarchy. I knew in 2nd grade that I was being disrespected and devalued when my teacher called me by my first name but I was required to call her Mrs. X. It just wasn't right. It was shaming.

        Use traditional methods to teach reading, writing and arithmetic and then non-traditional methods to teach the incredible JOY of learning. Once the JOY of learning is discovered, then students do not need teachers as much as they need tour guides & inspiration.

        Make the question more important than the answer. Reward good questions as much as good answers. Without questions, no education is taking place. How many times were you chastised for asking a question that the teacher said "isn't relevant" to the topic at hand, or that will be addressed in a few years-after enthusiasm dies

        STOP TELLING STUDENTS THAT WHEN THEY HAVE A DIPLOMA OR DEGREE THAT THEY ARE EDUCATED. They are not. They may have basic knowledge. If they went on to earn a specialized degree, they have specialized knowledge; but they have left so much out, they are functionally uneducated. (too few pieces of the big picture)

        Life-long learning is a personal responsibility that comes with GREAT rewards. This is one of the secrets that current educational paradigms work hard to keep secret. The message from our educational paradigms is that self-education is dangerous. I've heard that too many times.

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        • Mar 8 2013: Joy of learning. I think I am one of the lucky ones to have that joy of learning. I do best when I can read, think and absorb the information by myself with someone available to consult if I have a problem understanding something. I am 65 years old, and just started a year long college level class about nutrition. It is distance learning, and uses all the ways people learn. The school is the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition. Brillant program designed to make people succeed, however they personally define success.
          I wish I had been able to go to such a school when I was a child. Since I was so smart I was expected to get A's and only A's and anything less was failure. Set me up for perfectionist failure, time after time. My creative side was encouraged at home with access to art supplies and craft kits given year round. I continued to play with my creativity. I have in the past founded a writer's support group. As the 'leader" I encouraged other creative people who were stuck or blocked to just "play". It was wonderful to be around other people who wanted to create. One thing I did notice was a lack of confidence that was shared by most. So few had been understood or encouraged ever before in their life. Everyone should encourage the "spark of creativity" that exists in each person. What that spark might become is unknown sometimes but just giving a person permission to play can work wonders. They can take that spark, that permission to shine and do whatever they feel is their creative gift to the world.

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