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What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?

Hi everyone! I am working on a research about the gifted and creative individuals. I'd like to know what are the challenges that the gifted and creative people experience in your country. Share your thoughts please :) Thanks!


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    Feb 18 2013: Great question Sherrlene Uy,

    Gifted and Creative individuals have special faculties, either born with or developed over time. The biggest challenge that I have seen such people face are...

    #1. Inability to EXPRESS their creativity so that other people understand
    #2. Lack of knowledge that their special skills are indeed special (they think everybody has it!!)
    #3. Being in the wrong neighborhood (means... no recognition)

    I wonder what others would be saying.

    Also, let me know what you think... and "Like" this answer if you do.

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      Feb 18 2013: I STILL think that everyone has it - but that most are not self-aware enough to know it.
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      Feb 21 2013: I totally agree! This is very evident nowadays. Thank you for your response.

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