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What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?

Hi everyone! I am working on a research about the gifted and creative individuals. I'd like to know what are the challenges that the gifted and creative people experience in your country. Share your thoughts please :) Thanks!


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    Feb 17 2013: Probably getting over the criticism of those who do not share their vision.
    This has been my experience.

    Please hit reply Sherrlene, so that I know you are replying....otherwise noone will know you replied to their contribution.

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      Feb 18 2013: Hi Mary! Yeah... I figured that out! I was replying through my email than when I checked it here, it seems like I was talking to no one :) thank you for the heads up! ^^

      I totally agree! How do we solve this? It's been ages since this stereotype has been pestering the gifted minds
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      Feb 18 2013: Mary - my experience as well.

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