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What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?

Hi everyone! I am working on a research about the gifted and creative individuals. I'd like to know what are the challenges that the gifted and creative people experience in your country. Share your thoughts please :) Thanks!


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    Feb 18 2013: I focus my creativity on business, so the biggest challenge for myself and others like me is funding.
    Business property is horrendously expensive and often comes with a locked in multi-year lease, so even if you manage to get initial funding, its not like you can just close things down and start up again if things don't work out in ideas 1 and 2, for example.
    You have to be sure that its going to work AND be financially successful even before you've opened it (which is a nightmare when it comes to new and unusual ideas) and that greatly restricts creativity.
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      Feb 18 2013: Jotted it down, thank you so much Xavier! :) Aside from funding, what do creative people like you struggle on?

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