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A moment that left an impact on you or your life?

When was a moment that left an impact on you or your life?
Was it something person said to you? Was it something you saw? Was it something you had a realization about?
Why do you think it impacted you?

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    Feb 18 2013: Some years ago, I was in an "imminent death" situation at the hands of an aggressor. He said, "prepare to die". I took him at his word. At that moment, I realized that I had a right to choose to spend the last moments of my life terrified or at peace. I chose peace.

    The aggressor walked away, leaving me unharmed. I then saw how I had used the same technique years before to avoid an imminent rape. At that moment, I UNDERSTOOD THE POWER OF PEACE. I understood how powerful I am as a being. I understood how the power of personal choice is the driving force of my reality. I understood that aggressors feed off fear. Not only did I have a choice in what I emote, but: Fear is painful. Peace is beautiful and life-enhancing.

    My life is so different from what it was then that it would be hard for those who knew me then to recognize me now.
  • Mar 7 2013: I think the moments of impact are when your world is turned when you are enlightened and great emotion overcomes you.

    My greatest moment is one I can not descrbe one that showed me how to see everything in a philisophical/ observer viewpoint. To know that I would know what I should do.
    Then I realized most don't see the world as I do, so I let them choose to see the problems through my viewpoint by saying jokes and using their logic to see it.
  • Feb 18 2013: There was this one moment, nothing big or spectacular.
    At the time I was in college, tryi!ng to become a high school teacher. Some months before it happened a religionteacher had told our class that sometimes in life a human could experience complete and profound happiness. He called it happiness because he knew no other word for it. He said that when a person experienced it he/she would no longer feel an individual but part of the universe, it was a feeling that you could not describe. He also said that you would not know you had that feeling until it was over because you could not feel it as an individual.
    So, some months later I was driving home on my little motor from a holliday job. The day was bright and I had the wind in my face. That was when it happened: one moment, I don't know how long, I experienced something that I can't describe other than how my teacher said it. For one moment I did not seem to exist as an individual. It was the most magnificent feeling ever. Yet I could not 'see' it until it was over.
    From that day on I tried to accomplish the peace I felt back then. I fail everyday, but somehow I also know that it is stil there. Before that simple and yet formidable experience I was troubled and I could not understand how someone would give up their individuality to become part of the universe, it scared me. I was troubled because of my past but since then I have, step by step, found a new peace. I have somehow become capable to understanding myself better and learning myself new things (not skills but rather spiritual knowledge).
    I know I stil have an incredible long journey ahead of me, both as a human being on this earth and as a soul in this universe, but I am not longer scared. No matter what the road ahead brings me, I look forward to it because I want to learn.
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    Feb 17 2013: Well, some years ago I went to throw something away, and I had this "vision" of Jesus blocking my hand from throwing it away. I eventually recycled it instead. Somehow that vision clued me in to the "detail" of life, that it mattered what I did with one tiny piece of trash, and after that I became much more aware of detail in many situations in life.