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What are the Statistics on Humanoids in the operating room?

I am trying to find out whether Humanoids are working as Surgeons in the Operating room? If so, what drives them? Who programs them?

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    Feb 18 2013: I have heard of it being donee in Russia or China but not in the US
    • Feb 18 2013: Hi Mr. Turner,
      Thanks for sharing. I will continue my research. I have heard the same, but I started with Robotics in the early 90s whereas these types of machines were big in the automotive industry and highly recommended for the surgical field as well.
  • Feb 18 2013: Gosh and I thought humanoids were people. Now I understand that you mean some sort of robot.
    • Feb 20 2013: defines a "humanoid" as "having human characteristics or form; resembling human beings. Humanoids could be Robots with human form. Would you agree?
  • Feb 18 2013: Hi Mr. Lockwood,
    I apologize, if I am somewhat off on the definition of "Humanoids". Perhaps I need to review and respond to your post again. There is a difference between the two. Thank you for your reply.