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Sport and development

How sports change the development of kids? Makes it better or worst? And How does it change the social and school behaviour?

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    Feb 17 2013: In general makes it better because it teaches discipline, skills, teamwork.
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    Feb 18 2013: In my opinion, sports improve kids' development. And also teaches them how to win and how to loose, discipline; also eaches them to follow the rules (they'll find rules everywhere al allong their life, like it or not); improves their body and mind development; it teaches them teamwork and fellowship, and so on. Definitely yes, the sport is very convenient for them (and for everybody).
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    Feb 17 2013: As long as parents don't force kids to play sports and turn it to competition for kids or even their parents, it's very great thing and improve kid's behavior and childhood.
    Kids should have fun doing sports, to get attached to it, to play it whenever they want to practice or relax or sth. If hard kind of practice and forcing be on the sports, kids will hate it and it will have very bad results on their childhood and even when they are older.
  • Feb 18 2013: I want to say yes except the big sport in Texas is American football Maybe it's too rough and builds up egos too much.
  • Feb 17 2013: Team sports help a child learn how to work as a team player & that works well in the work force. Learning to acheive goals/personal bests, win or lose, is another good factor in sports. Keeping or getting their bodies in better shape is another. All children can benefit from sports. Yup! Including challenged students.
    The down sides are sports drugs, over training, and even ego. There are more, I am sure.
    I have often felt that if each class of students worked as a team, in other classes, everyone would benefit. No one passes until each student learns the subject matter. Each student would then help others reach the goals.