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Does so called international terrorism actually serve someone's purpose?

I cannot but think that it does. The West's military presence and murderous actions in many countries which the West is not even at war with produces nothing but outrage and resentment among the population of those countries. When you listen carefully enough even to the official news media (BBC etc) you will hear that every death caused by say a Drone attack, mobilizes hundreds to seek revenge (which does not surprise me - I would be up in arms myself if someone killed my mum, wife or child). Is it possible that the perpetrators (NATO) don’t know what the net result of their operations is? Hardly And yet next to nothing is done to stop this. The conlusion is inevitable. Someone somewhere alienates whole nations ON PURPOSE. Question is what that purpose is. I am inclined to think that the creation and careful nurturing of this universal global rift is supposed to deflect the attention of Americans and Europeans from the fact that they are being robbed by certain small group of people (through the machinations ofthe IMF and the like). That small group of people pulling the ropes behind the scenes is perfectly aware that the mob, the population at large is bound to turn on the them (the former) unless it is given some other foe to concentrate their growing anger on. As in George Orwell's 1984 the proletariat is continuously kept disoriented and their rage kept alive and always directed at some enemy. Are we yet again in history going to see the world's nations blindly , madly and very heroically battling with each other while a group of fat finnanciers watch and ponder from atop the mountain of money they managed to accumulate? Does anyone share my sentiments?

(some of my reflections were prompted by what I read here: http://the-free-foundation.org/tst2-11-2013.html)


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  • Feb 18 2013: I am afraid civilian victims in Afganistan or Pakistan are not likely to make that distinction. Probably (and I say probably cause I have never been in any of those countries nor had I any opportunity to be in personal contact with anyone from there) they think that all the countries whose armed forces take part in the military actions under the banner of NATO belong to "the west". Let's face it, doing nothing to stop bad things happening make you about as guilty as actually doing them. The long and short of it is that if I am taken hostage by Taliban they are going to put a bullet through my brains because I happen to be Polish without asking me first what my inner feelings about the presence of Polish troops in Afganistan are.

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