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Don't agree: Language skills reveal real genius, English is no more than a tool for them.

English learning will never be too hash for genius. If it will, I doubt the true ability of them. Besides, people born in a non English speaking country, like me, could keep our own culture, our own pattern of thinking while taking English as a kind of tool to paricipate in a global competition or coorporation. As for me, I have just passed the TOFEL test, through which process, I've learnt a lot not only about language skills but also some new ideas, amzing thoughts, and useful experience to communicating with people. Right now, I am preparing for the GRE test, and hoping for the best...


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      Apr 8 2011: Fantastic comment, Nichola.

      "Far faster than it is changing the world it is being changed BY the world."

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      Apr 10 2011: I agree with you Nichola, about that the change and evolution of language is a inevitable. But maybe because my native tongue is such a small language, I believe in the power of professional translation.
      Basic skills in a foreign language (and a little beyond basic, too), are something any intelligent person can acquire. But in order to really be a master of that language you need to be born with a certain gift, as with any great talent. If someone who has an idea first have to struggle with writing it in a foreign language (English) and then has only readers, who also might know English only as a second language, the whole meaning of that idea might be lost! The world needs more understanding, not more misunderstanding. And a really good translator can help an idea to spread much faster!

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