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Smaller Government in all countries around the world

Is there a way we can rationally and gradually shrink all governments in countries all over the world and reduce them to providing protection on national level and let the local take care of their own problems and seek help from other local governments?


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    Feb 21 2013: Sooooooooo it seems we wring our hands and throw in the towel and blindly accept the fact that big govt is corrupt. Is that the mind set of the most creative thinkers on earth? Are we so dependent on govt money as TED thinkers and scientists that we are afraid to think out side the box and use the collective greatness of intellect to find an answer? I think not!,, TEDsters are the most creative minds around let us turn them to this issue and boldly go where no place has gone before. Smaller more limited centralized govt and great minds working in synergy to find a solution not just reiterate the problems. Come on TEDsters lead the way with me and let's find real answers!,,,,,
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      Feb 21 2013: Absolutely.
      The one "problem" that I see that must be overcome is the reluctance of people to give up the comfort they find in big government. Reluctance is probably not a strong enough word.
      I have engaged in talks with these comfortable people and even when I point to real situations where governments have failed to sustain the comforts provided to their populations... I am assured that

      " it could never happen here. Our government is too good to allow that to happen".

      In my defeat, my only solace is that when the big governments fail and based on history they always do, I believe, hopefully, people will learn by their mistakes in rebuilding their societies.

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