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Can we think without any presumptions?

Questions arised from one of the conversation and a reminiscence of a old lady who said:"nobody is right but me."

Are we free of personal bias when we think?
how reliable it is for us ourselves to judge if we are free of personal bias or not ?


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  • Feb 27 2013: Human beings are formed throughout what is sometimes referred to as one's formative years and whether it was through nature or nurture or even a combination of both that one got the most,one acquires their basic principle for life in character,attitude,perception,value,preferences etc that defines their personality .
    On the basis of this fundamental reference point or points,is where a person starts to think and therefore will mostly be guided on several decision directional paths by their personal biases for example in their associations,opinions,decisions etc.even when there exists a professional laid down manual that seeks to shout objectivity to our person in the most explicit of terms as is in the professional and corporate arena.
    In short,we are never free from personal biases until we can move a step beyond our own persona and evaluate ourselves and the environment(in this case, whatever we're thinking about) as if we were another.
    This is the only time I believe one can be as objective(without any trace of personal bias) as is humanly and realistically possible.

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