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Can we think without any presumptions?

Questions arised from one of the conversation and a reminiscence of a old lady who said:"nobody is right but me."

Are we free of personal bias when we think?
how reliable it is for us ourselves to judge if we are free of personal bias or not ?


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  • Feb 26 2013: It is important to realize that we first have to reflect on thinking, as an attempt to feel the boundary of the ballon - we are in - from the inside! First of all our thinking refers to different experiences, if you ask someone "Whar do you think about thos---?" some would give a feeling, some would give an emotion, some would give an idea, some would give a theory , some would quote Shakespeare. Thinking is a proces that embodies feeling, bodily processes (like neuro movements, muscle contraction, heart beat, sweating, hormons, stomach recation etc.) and so called mental processes. It is so connected to our neuro body that we are completely mislead by our acustomed Cartesian mind body models. As long as we use these mechanical concepts it is no use. People will say "I know that all" but instaneously think in res cogitans like ways. Our body is so involved in our thinking that the whole separation of mind and body is obsolete. Thoughts that we have in our system, are connecetd to our awardsystems that produces endorphines. Thoughts are like habits that want to be repeated. (see David Bohm)They reach that by their endorphine strategy. Most of the time you think you are thinking, you basically repeat thoughts (past tense of thinking) , while they give you the impression you actively think them!! Real thinking is done in good dialog not in discussion or debate , you can also learn to observe your thinking. Thirdly presumptions are essential in our live, We have to many possibilities to leave things open. Our image and knowledge of the world is based on presumptions. The point is that most of the time we do not investigate our presumptions. If i say that you have to live a life that makes you happy, then we have a lot of presumptions, which rest on presumption and so on. We will find out some core presumptions which we agree or disagree on, or which we like or dislike. Culture is the organisation of our innerworld, it consist of assumptions: lets dialog good ones!

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