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Can we think without any presumptions?

Questions arised from one of the conversation and a reminiscence of a old lady who said:"nobody is right but me."

Are we free of personal bias when we think?
how reliable it is for us ourselves to judge if we are free of personal bias or not ?


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    Feb 23 2013: To Fritzie Reisner,

    The TED talk that Mitch referred to was about movement and the brain developed to control mevement, but in doing so needed to filter the "noise" in feedback signals in the body's nervous system to acquire any accuracy and coordination.

    The Bruce Lee example is probably the greatest display of human coordinated movement that I have ever seen. Playing ping pong is difficult enough, but to use a nun-chuck, which is not only cylindrical in shape, but articulated (i.e. two pieces joined by a flexible chain or cord), is ridiculously difficult as the body has little feedback ("feel") from the loose part of the nun-chuk which is the bit that strikes the ball.

    To do what Bruce Lee does in that video, not only being able to hit the ball, but do so as accurately as someone using a standard ping pong paddle, is truly incredible. I'd like to see anyone attempt to duplicate it.

    Given the content of the TED Talk, I bet the speaker would have given anything to have had the opportunity to study whatever magic was happening in Bruce's nervous system!

    If you watch the talk, you will understand the reference. http://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_wolpert_the_real_reason_for_brains.html

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