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Can we think without any presumptions?

Questions arised from one of the conversation and a reminiscence of a old lady who said:"nobody is right but me."

Are we free of personal bias when we think?
how reliable it is for us ourselves to judge if we are free of personal bias or not ?


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  • Feb 17 2013: No, we are not. We all live in this planet where the people are made of other people but don't like to admit that. But leaving that for other talk, I must say that most of the people cannot think without see the good side for them and we many times judge the other just thinking in what we think that it is right or wrong and shouldn't do that because we can all be human beings but no one has a life as the life of the other so we never have the right of judge when we don't know what is behind... The big problem is that some times, (to many times i think), i are not abble to see and note that.

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