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Should governments decide where the poor can live?

In Camden, London there are a group of 750 plus people that live of the state and can't afford to stay there due to new legislation which has come into force. These people can't find jobs at the moment so are reliant on the government to support them with housing costs. Due to this reliance the government has stated it will relocate this group to an area outside of London with even less chance of finding employment but lower housing costs. Surely a better way is to support these people to find sustainable employment? What do you think?


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    Feb 17 2013: Ruth Ellen, What difference does it make if it is government or the bread winner (spouse) that says we cannot afford to live here and must move. If the bread winner says it it is a economic fact if the government says it then its unfair and discrimination. BS. In the states we have entitlements that make it profitable to not be employed. In fact the reciepents would actulally have a lower lifestyle by working instead of living off of the government. There are jobs at 10 - 15 dollars a hour that no one will take because they make the equalivent of 25 dollars a hour in entitlements for staying home. If they took the job they would have to pay for all the benefits like health, food, rent, etc ... They may be poor but they are not dumb. That is the math of survival. It is also the math of politics. Set the middle class bar high and from the center of that bar down are votes for more entitlements ... ergo the socialist wins .... the country loses. This was written in the fall of Argentina in 1916 and continues to crush nations to like the USA and the EU.

    Government must be small and operate as designed .. to provide for the common defense ... monitor trade .... print money .... enact treaties ..... etc ... All of the rest should be the providence of the districts, counties, states, or however you are divided.

    Entitlements create generational welfare.

    Each of us shoulod look at the national spending pie chart of our nation. Are we spending where our charter / Constitution / doctrine directs us. If, as in the USA, the answer is no ... then the people should demand a return to a Constitutional government. As a citizen if you outspend your income you will soon go to jail. Why is it acceptable for a government to outspend its income (GDP). Could it be because the lazy vote for the guy who will continue to support them. Duh. You bet.

    Get back to basics or suffer what is happening and will only get worse.

    I wish you well. Bob.

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