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Should governments decide where the poor can live?

In Camden, London there are a group of 750 plus people that live of the state and can't afford to stay there due to new legislation which has come into force. These people can't find jobs at the moment so are reliant on the government to support them with housing costs. Due to this reliance the government has stated it will relocate this group to an area outside of London with even less chance of finding employment but lower housing costs. Surely a better way is to support these people to find sustainable employment? What do you think?


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  • Feb 16 2013: Hi Fritzie, to clarify the government have bought properties in the north of England and are relocating people there d from Camden due to the cost of rent prices being more affordable for the government. Unfortunately the government's neck does not really know what the head is doing most of the time so where one department is concerned with employment another is concerned with housing. Overall the point should be to get them into sustainable employment however the system needs reform as for some relying on government benefits can sometimes mean they are better off than working in a full time job.
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      Feb 17 2013: Isn't the alternative to get off government assistance? This maybe more difficult than I understand but non profits, churches, and private enterprise could pay a role in determining how to address the real problem there better than the dysfunctional government you describe. Why fight them when you can put your efforts into helping yourself?

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