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Lease my Wind

I have a pretty good site for several wind turbines, however no finances to buy and install. power companies will not answer my calls anymore (they know me), how about i attract people who have funds, to buy and install wind turbines on my acerage, at a reasonable lease, and as much power as i need.
The rest can be sold back to the grid as a private power company?

  • Feb 22 2013: cheers guys, am looking at other alternatives at this time, I just made an air lift pump for my bore, 40 metres down, compressed air, 12 litres a minute water delivery, looking to couple an air compressor with a wind turbine for kicks and experimenting
  • Feb 17 2013: Here I understand people can hook to the Grid and get paid for the electricity: however, they have to pay for the equipment. From my student days I do wonder how helpful it is.
  • Feb 17 2013: You can try to propose your idea on

    Good luck !
  • Feb 16 2013: Pat,

    it all depends wether they eat baked beans or not
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    Feb 16 2013: Are you saying that Australians have a lot of wind?