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How to approach science to market in underdeveloped countries?

Mostly underveloped countries have by tradition a scienfic academy that don't communicate with the market. Some scientists think that they would simply sell themselves to the market with this approach.

How to change this culture? Can it help the national economy by starting more innovative companies such startups? By the way, are startups and the spin-offs model a good choice for regional development?


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    Feb 17 2013: What do you mean by "communicate"? I would think scientists are constantly communicating, after all they live in the world like the rest of us, are frequently talking with a variety of people like non-scientists. If there is a lack of communication, what would cause it?
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      Feb 18 2013: By communicate I mean: to realize the real needs of the market, to find out what society needs, what are the demands.

      Much of the technology being made in the Universities aren't really what the market nor the society need. Commonly we need to work on something we call "technology push", where the technology that was made by pure science needs to be re-shaped and re-oriented to fit the market somewhere/somehow.

      In the other part there is what we call "market push", where the market tell us what the society needs and science works on it.

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