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Amidst the rising cases involving the youth, should juvenile offenders be acquitted since they are, by law, minors?

Here in my country, the Philippines, crimes involving juvenile offenders are in a hot spot for debate. The dilemma rises from the conflicting ideas as to acquit a "child" for committing a mistake or letting him/her serve the punishment for the crime he/she has committed.

Which do we need to focus on -- the "child" or the crime?


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    Feb 16 2013: "Which do we need to focus on" The answer is probally both. We assess blame easily ... I contend that it is not that easy. We always ask a kid why did you climb that tree, eat candy before the meal, steal a soda pop, etc ... the short answer is that they wanted to. Kids are not dumb. They know the difference between right and wrong. They aslo understand consequences. When a poor kid gets into trouble ... he has lousey parents. When a preachers kid gets into trouble ... he is a bad seed.

    Yeah, kids do stupid things. As a cop I really try to do the right thing. Stealing a candy bar is one thing .... shooting at you is completely another.

    As a teacher what do you focus on. A student who did not do the assignment but has social problems .. do you focus on the child or does he get 'F' ... I would suggest you are aware of both and within your powers address both.

    I wish you well. Bob.

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