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Have you ever encountered a person who seeks your council, but does not even acknowledge your opinion?

This person asks for my advice, but they shoot down my opinion before they even hear me out. I feel they are extremely arrogant, but this individual is someone I look up to. I wish I could help, but I don't know how I can talk to them.

How have you dealt with these situations?


Closing Statement from Dyed All Hues

To know everything for certain without any doubt is impossible, but to continue to do, be, or change is the only way to figure this out.

I shall continue to do so and hope for the best.

Thank you all for participating.

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  • Ross G

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    Feb 16 2013: I've learned that unsolicited advice usually goes unheard, no matter how enlightened it is. This is because the person is not truly interested in your recommendations. I understand the advice you offered was solicited, but it fell on the same deaf-ears. This tells me that the person wasn't actually looking for advice. They were either looking for confirmation for their preconceived conclusions, or they were trying to solicit emotional support.

    Find a new person to look up to. Arrogance needs to feed. Such individuals only have enough room for 1 person in their life, everyone else is just the source of a meal.

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