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After learning a language -Why can't anyone go back and narrate what and how one experienced during the first year?

It will be interesting to explore the reasons that fill the "gap of inability" between the most efficient language learning phase and "culture bound listening phase" as Patricia says . After learning a language what prevents one to go back and bring insights, describe from that efficient learning phase in one's life. Being convinced that these insights / description once known will be objectively measurable as well. It seems the challenge in using MEG has a bias. Thus - what are those factors that prevent one to go back and recall the baby experiences while a language gets learnt - it may add new vocabulary or use existing words in a new perspective to share with others.


Closing Statement from Charan Singh

Thank you all - the spectrum of responses - from Ed Schulte, Natasha Nikulina, Casey to Adriaan Braam- brought amazing insights on this theme. My question and replies were driven by the knowledge I acquired through some, available to humanity, core sources of Wisdom that are little explored - though seems extremely beneficial for solving our current problems. The reason to ask this question was to further explore and find equivalent knowledge terms that can be commonly understood by all. Must say I tried exploring ,not missing even a small reference about " The Word" and how little we know about The Word that manifests through language as our World. Interestingly, I learnt about a Oneness frequency C132/A 432 Hrz that further led me to a great related article link http://www.jwmt.org/v1n4/readlight.html and another book title: P.D.Ouspensky - The Fourth Way, that accepts and addresses to the question asked here " why one doesn't remember and how can one develop that memory that remembers everything " Present day Science or pedagogy - sorry to state, addresses or knows only about two dimensions of that memory that inherits the potential to be developed into four. It is not about religion or faith or worshiping - it is purely about the knowledge accessible to mankind that can be gained through - easy to make observations, experiments not subjective experiences, comparisons, analysis - and using all other tools a scientific mind would use or prefer to use.

I remain indebted to all who participated and shared their valuable inputs on this thread. Thank you.

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  • Mar 15 2013: Charan

    I think if you go to the archives of Scientific American you will find a wealth of speech-sound-vibration relating to early cognition. I note that this is closing but If I have time before then I will pull a few.

    There were several I recall where the scientists were surprised - pleased relating to the Love connection...for example

    They set-up an experiment on 3 to 6 moth olds ...to say "daddy" and the father would come out from behind a closed door. The little ones caught on to the game quickly and took it further....they would practice quietly to themselves by hummming and singing "Daaadie" to themselves first to make the sound more loving and appealing.

    This was another indication that before 'words' arose ...the common communication of HUman was singing ..as a mention before ...re Circaisans ....all part of what Avicenna ( that other post that I placed the other day ) was toying with ...Archetypal Man...the "pattern" which a small small ray of ourself is projected through and becomes lower form ...which can send and receive vibration ....still in the realm of Love/Lovingly ..which are at a far far lower energy level then our source level.

    Then the closer we come back to that source ...we are also capable of recalling all previous experiences ( including languages) obtained during each projections through the HUman Archetype ( think of it as a filter of sorts) which was the reason for HUmans having this aspect in the first place. Plotinus said "there is an emanating out, and there is a returning to" and that is what he was referring to.

    Great great damage occurs when such organization such as religions mis-interpt and twist around ancient statements such as "In the beginning was the word" ...a phrase in Ancient Greek ....with was actually "in the beginning was the authority ( or logos )"

    But that too will be recalled and corrected eventually

    Be Well Be Present
    • Mar 15 2013: @Ed - That will be a great resource. Thanks alot. I agree the opportunists twist be it Science or Religions - and I often wonder - How can they do that and why do they do that - answers seems the are meant to perform like that least everyone can stay connected with the Source !! Tug of war of distortions - correction thus continues and dynamics getting generated ;) Please share some more on " "in the beginning was the authority ( or logos )" "as per your convenience ... Thanks
      • Mar 15 2013: John opened his Gospel :

        “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”

        In the original Greek manuscript, the word for Word was the Greek word Logos, which means much more than “word.” The Logos is defined by philosophers and theologians as the rational principle that governs and develops the universe.
        So, Lodos goes nowhere, it's here all around in Nature.
        • Mar 15 2013: Many thanks Natashaa !! Great connections !! Luv u all around
      • Mar 15 2013: Actually it would be more correct to say :
        ....Logos is all around in Nature hence within.
        See you around ! :)
        Thank you !

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