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After learning a language -Why can't anyone go back and narrate what and how one experienced during the first year?

It will be interesting to explore the reasons that fill the "gap of inability" between the most efficient language learning phase and "culture bound listening phase" as Patricia says . After learning a language what prevents one to go back and bring insights, describe from that efficient learning phase in one's life. Being convinced that these insights / description once known will be objectively measurable as well. It seems the challenge in using MEG has a bias. Thus - what are those factors that prevent one to go back and recall the baby experiences while a language gets learnt - it may add new vocabulary or use existing words in a new perspective to share with others.


Closing Statement from Charan Singh

Thank you all - the spectrum of responses - from Ed Schulte, Natasha Nikulina, Casey to Adriaan Braam- brought amazing insights on this theme. My question and replies were driven by the knowledge I acquired through some, available to humanity, core sources of Wisdom that are little explored - though seems extremely beneficial for solving our current problems. The reason to ask this question was to further explore and find equivalent knowledge terms that can be commonly understood by all. Must say I tried exploring ,not missing even a small reference about " The Word" and how little we know about The Word that manifests through language as our World. Interestingly, I learnt about a Oneness frequency C132/A 432 Hrz that further led me to a great related article link http://www.jwmt.org/v1n4/readlight.html and another book title: P.D.Ouspensky - The Fourth Way, that accepts and addresses to the question asked here " why one doesn't remember and how can one develop that memory that remembers everything " Present day Science or pedagogy - sorry to state, addresses or knows only about two dimensions of that memory that inherits the potential to be developed into four. It is not about religion or faith or worshiping - it is purely about the knowledge accessible to mankind that can be gained through - easy to make observations, experiments not subjective experiences, comparisons, analysis - and using all other tools a scientific mind would use or prefer to use.

I remain indebted to all who participated and shared their valuable inputs on this thread. Thank you.

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  • Feb 21 2013: ." Why can't anyone go back and narrate... ? "

    Language is a tool of structuring the world of our experience - Time. It suggests that our sense of time must depend critically upon language. A baby is out of language and out of time. In zero time zone nothing is happening in sequence, so neither narrative nor memory storage is possible.

    The good news is : we never leave ' no time ' zone :)
    • Feb 21 2013: "The universe is organised as a living organism.The motion ' in- out' ' enfolding- unfolding ' can be traced anywhere.
      A new born baby is in the closest position to 1, which is entangled to zero, and with a first breath the mental metabolism starts : 1 is on the way to become 'many' due to the brain capacity to make recognisable patterns out of the 'external' world that can be stored in memory, which is the content of the 'internal ' world.
      Maybe i don't remember my babyhood, because the reality as i know it, organized in recognizable patterns, described via language was not there yet
      I take reality IN, process It through ' me' and get it OUT. The next cycle : the reality which i take IN has ' me' in it,....it's how we co create reality." -

      "so neither narrative nor memory storage is possible"

      @Natasha- Please see when there was no brain - It seems , Memory and Intelligence was there - Who made the decisions /processed information that finally resolved the critical issue of - What part will be made out of the next cell produced? Whether the next cell produced will become a cell in the kidney or Brain or heart... So it seems If IT is ME alone , just as a product of Outside World and comes in time and space , learns and stores a language structure OR Some part of Me that has traveled - before time , into the time that eventually is Past-Present-Future confined. Why cant I recall that Me that has established before Time- Scientists ( Patricia in her talk) agrees that this ME is most versatile, powerful learning - and this learning ability continues to diminish as Me experiences in Time and Space.

      You have very rightly summed up "The motion ' in- out' ' enfolding- unfolding ' can be traced anywhere." thanks for sharing. Thus Outside World that Me Learns from is not different than Me individually experiencing. What CONNECTS these two- individual and Outside
      • Feb 21 2013: Yes :)

        It's the nature of language - ambiguity , we may have similar answer , but i don't know what you mean by your question.
        I added 1/2 min later after posting ( the comment above ) :
        "The good news is : we never leave ' no time ' zone "
        For a technical reason it is not here yet ; by that i tried to tell what you are telling me now :)

        What is Dao ?
        • Feb 21 2013: What connects these two , one of which is - individual level: so breathe in , breathe out, pause - and as you said , second level is the universe around this individual in -out, folding-unfolding. How these two are connected. Again in agreement - we are in no time 'zone' yet how we forget that and sleep at night !! Why can't we remain awake all the time or sleep all the time!! What is that connects us into Time yet in no time zone ? Dao / Buddhism/ Christianity - instead let us first take Universal concepts - such as breath, irrespective of superiority / inferiority of any religion- all breath, similarly Time , experience as a child- forgetting / amnesia - focussing on these should equally explain the factors that prevent us from going in that state of exceptional knowledge learning readiness. ;)
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        Feb 21 2013: If the Dao is what you are looking for, this is the answer that we came up with on how to answer questions to be believed as truth.

        Does this make common sense to you?

        The interesting things is, is if I had to answer my own question. This is how I would answer it:

        What would Jesus do?
        He would try to relate to the person, whether from his personal experiences or from someone else’s experiences/knowledge (parable). And respond with knowledge/wisdom that he would want to hear if it was he who came to them for help.
        That’s what Jesus would do.
        Do on to others as you would have them do on to you.
        If you imply this concept to the most fundamental parts of life you would have intuition.

        The hardest part about this is how do you relate to a person so it comes off as if the knowledge is from them selves. This is why is hard to do the "do unto others as you would have then do unto you" The answer has to be common sense. Not to the person (in this case Jesus) but to the other. It has to be their common sense not his.

        "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, who said it, no matter if I said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." ~ Siddhartha Gautama, founder of Buddhism

        But the best thing is, is that I had to start this conversation to know that. That it has to be common sense to other, to be seen as truth from their perspective
        • Feb 21 2013: What is the most common denominator amongst over 7 billions of us ? I suggest - we all Breathe, before any other thing else come on the scene.
        • Feb 22 2013: "But this material world is a trick of the eye and its our belief/faith in them that make it real "
          Casey Christofaris.

          You are right ! :)
        • Feb 22 2013: I don't know how to prove the answer and frankly , i don't care. I have nothing to prove. But i think, i know how understanding may take place : resonance. You have a picture in your mind and you have a description of another person mind's picture. If it resonates with yours, you can recognize it, and here is YES !
          A ' picture ' has some relevance to LOGOS , it's what you can see and quite often can't tell.

          Thanks for the ' flipping' image, you helped me to see : )
        • Feb 22 2013: "But this material world is a trick of the eye and its our belief/faith in them that make it real "
          @Casey Christofaris.You are right ! :) @Natasha !! - I disagree Science/Technology / NeuroSciences, are not tricks of eye !
        • Feb 22 2013: Charan !
          Re : I disagree Science/Technology / NeuroSciences, are not tricks of eye !

          As always right/wrong :)
          The Q. Physics revelation : the measurement problem. The tool to measure, the one who measures, what is measured IS ONE. While measured, the initial substance is not as it was before measuring and the whole system, including the tool and the 'measurer' is changed by the very act of measuring. ( in my layman language :) )
          The pre QM science is based on the doctrine of separation of the world into out there and in here. It implies, that world/eternal laws of nature are there and wait to be discovered.
          What if they are changing/reshaping on the way ?
          In this case Science/Technology / NeuroSciences is true/objective, because science as explanatory system makes them such.
          Weird ? Agreed !
          Please, listen to this talk, you may find this idea ,not that weird :)
        • Feb 22 2013: Sorry, i realised that dug too deep :)
          Actually what Casey meant by "-- " was obviously true in the context of our conv.
          I said that i found the proofs of oneness everywhere and what i quoted was his response.
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        Feb 21 2013: So let me see if I can use logic and reason to show you how you need to use their logic and reason. To not prove them wrong but to show them that there is other truth. So you can pick any topic you want and any side of the said topic and I will debate the other side. See to get someone to believe what you say is truth you first have to understand their side as truth as well. Not that it wrong and it clearly might be(like anyone who would say oil is not toxic).

        It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle. ~ Sun Tzu Art of War

        Now it doesn't matter how the argument is going once I figure out how you came to your knowledge of truth I can figure out your thought "pattern" or common sense. Once I understand that I can use your common sense thats right your common sense to prove my information as truth. Not as I am right your wrong but just that there is other truth. Edited: I dont even need to believe that what I am trying to debate is truth or not, I just need to except that it can be

        And as far as Sub, object question go. I like to say that it's not that I think inside the box or outside of the box. I realize that its all box's and I try to think in all of them.
      • Feb 22 2013: 'individual' is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness. What is the 'Whole ' ? In QM interpretation : each process of the Whole is the Whole.
        So, you are the Whole.

        " How these two are connected ? "

        The question implies separation. We can answer this question, if the very question disappears.
        NO separation.
        What can it mean for us ?
        -What you as individual do think feel...experience matters. It's all that IS.

        Why can't we remember .... ?
        To come to conscious realizing of what we forget by the act of birth, separation.


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