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After learning a language -Why can't anyone go back and narrate what and how one experienced during the first year?

It will be interesting to explore the reasons that fill the "gap of inability" between the most efficient language learning phase and "culture bound listening phase" as Patricia says . After learning a language what prevents one to go back and bring insights, describe from that efficient learning phase in one's life. Being convinced that these insights / description once known will be objectively measurable as well. It seems the challenge in using MEG has a bias. Thus - what are those factors that prevent one to go back and recall the baby experiences while a language gets learnt - it may add new vocabulary or use existing words in a new perspective to share with others.


Closing Statement from Charan Singh

Thank you all - the spectrum of responses - from Ed Schulte, Natasha Nikulina, Casey to Adriaan Braam- brought amazing insights on this theme. My question and replies were driven by the knowledge I acquired through some, available to humanity, core sources of Wisdom that are little explored - though seems extremely beneficial for solving our current problems. The reason to ask this question was to further explore and find equivalent knowledge terms that can be commonly understood by all. Must say I tried exploring ,not missing even a small reference about " The Word" and how little we know about The Word that manifests through language as our World. Interestingly, I learnt about a Oneness frequency C132/A 432 Hrz that further led me to a great related article link http://www.jwmt.org/v1n4/readlight.html and another book title: P.D.Ouspensky - The Fourth Way, that accepts and addresses to the question asked here " why one doesn't remember and how can one develop that memory that remembers everything " Present day Science or pedagogy - sorry to state, addresses or knows only about two dimensions of that memory that inherits the potential to be developed into four. It is not about religion or faith or worshiping - it is purely about the knowledge accessible to mankind that can be gained through - easy to make observations, experiments not subjective experiences, comparisons, analysis - and using all other tools a scientific mind would use or prefer to use.

I remain indebted to all who participated and shared their valuable inputs on this thread. Thank you.

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  • Feb 20 2013: @TEDLover, @RandomChance, @AdriaanBraam, @natashanikulina, @EdSchulte - Working together, with your amazing recalling abilities :

    (how to visualize 1 going through zero [Natasha],
    Locating into the library of mind/consciousness[Random],
    remembering infant in the Crib [TedLover] ,
    "Ring" is given to the returner[Ed],
    seen someone's face before [Adriaan] )

    We should be able to explore further and connect the dots/ the path to Core - from it all originates and converges into.Not knowing this path seems a "Gap of Inability" or as Natasha puts it "we are Creatures with Amnesia". Working collectively - this will benefit us equally as it seems to likely empower the entire humanity. As Ed nicely puts it " IF these barriers are Truthfully faced and made aware then the rewards are great. " Will add more later on @FritzieReisner, @TheodoreHoppe
    • Feb 20 2013: Hi, Charan !
      Here is my part :
      " how to visualize 1 going through zero "

      There is no distance, no time interval between 1 and zero.
      But i can't make a narrative, a single sentence even without Time in it, just keep it in mind :)
      So... the end is the beginning, yes is no...good is bad...and so on; Remove duality from the picture of reality and you'll get 1, which IS not, it doesn't exist , for anything that does, must have an opposite. Not existing 1 is zero.
      many = one = zero. .
      All equations are time free they may go in both directions : zero =one=many
      SO ,
      many = one = zero === zero =one=many.
      'one = many = one' exists , it is in Time.
      The moment 1 becomes zero or or appears from zero is not a moment, here Time stops.
      Causality shatters direction has no meaning, so 1 goes through zero, never leaving its domain.

      As for the visualization, it can be seen like ...let it it be 'breathing'
      Casey Christofaris suggests ' flipping '
      (not sure, that what i heard was exactly what he meant :) )
      I prefer 'breathing' , because it's more like a living organism, " As above so Below "
      Who is breathing ? God ? In this case we are God. Spirit ? We are spirit. Whatever it is we are IT.
      The idea is " Nothing ever changes but the Same "
      Does it make sense ? :)
      • Feb 20 2013: Thanks Natasha -Lets keep God/Spirit separate to start. For a simple discussion, breathing is neutral term without equating to anything. Interestingly -and you will be surprised, yesterday a note was sent by me which read similar to what you wrote. " Who told me that I am born – the outside World. How was I told – learning through the alphabets of a language ( L1- the first language learnt and non-verbal gestures (hugging, smiling, laughing...)? How I connect with this outside World? Through ability to Speak-Listen- See-Reflect ( including motions - gestures (non-verbal) ). It seems once this logic and process is agreed as common grounds it has wider implications to all– All religions, faiths, scientist,believers- non-believers , any kind of categorizations that are understandable with the abilities mentioned above.

        How breath is connected here - Without breath, these abilities become non-functional.

        Lets examine breath functionally - There is inhale from what is Outside World, and exhale into What is Outside World. There is a pause after the exhale. and there is Me !! created. This created Me cant cross the Pause to clearly determine complete breath Cycle - How the pause after exhale is connected with Inhale.

        Tracing this path of breathing keep consciousness alert, focussed might lead one to how "Me" is Born !! created at first place - because the Outside told Me - that I m born. and Why "Me" forgets the Origin - tracing the path of breathing should bring some insights

        Lastly, without breathing language learning or gestures or anything that makes "Me" an entity is not possible.

        Just some thoughts to further explore .
        • Feb 21 2013: I drop in through the back/kitchen door here and agree with Charan's comment "no need to include God/Spirit here .....because

          The missing content in so much of the attempts to nail down an understanding of "consciousness" is the omission of Mind ( capital "M") that super-substance into which manifestation -form-though emanates > and I inject "breathed" here as it fits int the 'flow' of the discussion above < and where it all becomes recorded (and called "memory" ) The low level "thinking" mind can point to it and call it "black" or "no-thing" but it is the source of all light (non-reflected and reflected) and of course therefore "matter" . And as one Great Sage said it "Mind is Holy, but it is not God" ...a sobering comment meant to be sure t mind (small "m") is kept in its proper place wrt understanding consciousness.

          our host Charan is keeping us contained to a limited time window ....hopefully this one will lead to another doorway and room(s).
        • Feb 21 2013: Thanks, Charan, i've never thought about breathing this way :)
          The universe is organised as a living organism.The motion ' in- out' ' enfolding- unfolding ' can be traced anywhere.
          A new born baby is in the closest position to 1, which is entangled to zero, and with a first breath the mental metabolism starts : 1 is on the way to become 'many' due to the brain capacity to make recognisable patterns out of the 'external' world that can be stored in memory, which is the content of the 'internal ' world.
          Maybe i don't remember my babyhood, because the reality as i know it, organized in recognizable patterns, described via language was not there yet
          I take reality IN, process It through ' me' and get it OUT. The next cycle : the reality which i take IN has ' me' in it,
          ....it's how we co create reality.
          Just thoughts :)

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