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We are advised to travel light when we undertake a journey.Why can't we travel light in our lives too to make it beautiful and enjoyable?

If we travel light the journey is enjoyable. In the journey of life i want to travel with no burden on my body or mind. Burden on body is due to sickness and obesity. Burden on mind is due to possesions and relationships.
"With no burden on body and mind
I want to travel and unwind"


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  • Feb 18 2013: Adesh,
    Perhaps part of the answer is not only found in "traveling light" but in also holding with a "light" touch or grasp.
    The natural position of the human hand is open and supple, ready to receive. So too, can be the mind.
    It isn't a closed fist, holding on for dear life and for forever.
    I find there is something worth having in my life, just one thing, and no matter what happens or doesn't happen, it shrinks all problems down to the size of a tiny drop of water, that then "pings" or explodes into nothingness and is gone.
    I trust this one thing completely, thus I don't worry because something good will happen.
    If it doesn't, I don't worry, because something bad will happen.
    I am and will be okay.
    Where do we get possessions? We buy them in stores. How do we get into the stores?
    We walk through the..... "en-trance".
    When we let go of possessions we are letting go of being possessed.
    Ultimately it is letting go of all attachments of all kinds, somehow with love and even letting go of love.
    One of the hardest things to learn to do is not grab on when one falls. We are a very coordinated animal, that doesn't fall too often, but when we do, it is very scary.
    Not grabbing and holding on when we do (not in a strictly physical sense as that is most times the correct time to hold on), is not falling. It is flying but one doesn't or will not learn that until they let go and do that.
    Don't worry, something good will happen. If it doesn't, don't worry, something bad will happen.
    When the walls come tumbling down, when the loss of what possessed one happens, don't try and hold up the wall.
    It will crush you. Step back, let the possessions fall where they may and there will be an opening through which to walk through. In other words, this total type of loss, doesn't involve a nervous breakdown so much as it involves a nervous breakthrough.
    I got rid of everything about 8 years ago. Very freeing and I can clearly see the possession that takes place inside the psyche of others.
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      Feb 18 2013: I agree with you when you say ,"When we let go of possessions we are letting go of being possessed." That i believe is freedom.

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