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We are advised to travel light when we undertake a journey.Why can't we travel light in our lives too to make it beautiful and enjoyable?

If we travel light the journey is enjoyable. In the journey of life i want to travel with no burden on my body or mind. Burden on body is due to sickness and obesity. Burden on mind is due to possesions and relationships.
"With no burden on body and mind
I want to travel and unwind"


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    Feb 17 2013: I would say people travel as light in their lives as they are able. You must remember that when you travel you don't have to take care of business quite as when at home, when at home there are a million responsibilities that you don't have when you travel to the same degree.
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      Feb 18 2013: Here i am talking about dettachment. Though i have possessions and relations but if i am not attached to them i can undertake journey of my life with a free mind.
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        Feb 20 2013: Well, adesh, that seems like a different idea than you put in your conversation starter at the top, perhaps you should edit it.

        I would say I have a light attachment to relationships and objects, probably stronger to relationships. I would feel abnormal if I had no attachment, as I worked to get them; and abnormal if I had too much attachment, as that would be too clinging. So a light attachment works for me.

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