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We are advised to travel light when we undertake a journey.Why can't we travel light in our lives too to make it beautiful and enjoyable?

If we travel light the journey is enjoyable. In the journey of life i want to travel with no burden on my body or mind. Burden on body is due to sickness and obesity. Burden on mind is due to possesions and relationships.
"With no burden on body and mind
I want to travel and unwind"


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  • Ross G

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    Feb 16 2013: I renounced all of my material wealth last year. It is a step towards true freedom.

    Deciding who to place the burden of my wealth on wasn't as easy. I didn't want to remove my own chains and clamp them on anyone else. Christ instructs us to give it all to the poor. Perhaps because this is where the greatest impact can be achieved.

    Everything we possess is unconsciously given a certain amount of control over us. Many people become almost entirely enslaved to worldly possessions. They spend much of their life in pursuit of material gain, and the rest of their life is spent maintaining, protecting, and worrying over their acquisitions. In effect, they have lost their life.

    "Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it." Luke 17:30

    For me, the greatest burden was sin. Or rather, it was until Christ.

    I must confess, I am both surprised and excited to come across someone else who is entertaining these thoughts. A big thumbs up for you Adesh.

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