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We are advised to travel light when we undertake a journey.Why can't we travel light in our lives too to make it beautiful and enjoyable?

If we travel light the journey is enjoyable. In the journey of life i want to travel with no burden on my body or mind. Burden on body is due to sickness and obesity. Burden on mind is due to possesions and relationships.
"With no burden on body and mind
I want to travel and unwind"


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    Feb 15 2013: Maybe Buddhism could be of your interest then.
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      Feb 16 2013: Buddhism teaches the middle path. Renunciation seems to be the answer. It does not mean not having possessions or relationships but not having any ATTACHMENTS to them. When i will loose any of them i will not be affected by it, that is what i am training for.
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        Feb 16 2013: I see what you mean and for possessions I trained myself some while ago to the point, that what I have, is enough. Relationships are different to me, because those I don't mind to loose are of no value to me anyway. I would not wish to have no value in anyone and even though it is very painful, I would not like to miss any of the gaps of close people I once loved yet lost. It taught me humbleness. But that's just my view, and interesting to see your difference.

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