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If you could change one thing about yourself/family/community/society/country/world what would that change be?


I am fascinated by making difference, change and innovations. If you could make difference about something in any of the above mentioned places, what would you want to change? Or, is it really possible to do it? How would you prefer doing it? Are you thinking of taking any actions?


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    Feb 16 2013: .
    That change would be from our instincts insensible to INVALID (ineffective, harmful) happiness into sensible.
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      Feb 16 2013: Would you mind trying to restate your sentence? This one doesn't make much sense to me. Are you proposing a three-phase change? From instincts that you see as irrational to a false sense of happiness then into a rational life (be it for you or for the world)?
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        Feb 17 2013: .
        Thanks a lot.
        I am very glad to restate it.

        I think our instincts (our ancestors' successful experiences saved in DNA) do not sense (detect, identify) what invalid happiness is, because our ancestors did not have experienced and saved it in our DNA.

        Such as the happiness of having junk food, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, taking drug, .... being greedy, making too much money, causing inequality, making environment crisis, destructing our planet, .... doing human self-extinction.


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