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If you could change one thing about yourself/family/community/society/country/world what would that change be?


I am fascinated by making difference, change and innovations. If you could make difference about something in any of the above mentioned places, what would you want to change? Or, is it really possible to do it? How would you prefer doing it? Are you thinking of taking any actions?


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    Feb 15 2013: Well I mean that a great deal of people as I see in my country that have power and can be counted as rich and capable , they dont think about the under privileged
    and there should be something that bridges this gap , and actuelly there is . I dont want to make this a religous conv. But there is a solutiin to this made buy islam but nobody or few do it, that every one who have money that he store must share a percentage of it to the poor and needy
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      Feb 16 2013: I am glad I asked for clarification, as I misunderstood when you said "bridge." I thought you meant a strategy for interconnecting people in a personal way from different socioeconomic categories.

      From your explanation it sounds like you mean a transfer of money or food or whatever you are thinking of from the more affluent to those in need.

      I think many religions have a practice something like what you describe.

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