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If you could change one thing about yourself/family/community/society/country/world what would that change be?


I am fascinated by making difference, change and innovations. If you could make difference about something in any of the above mentioned places, what would you want to change? Or, is it really possible to do it? How would you prefer doing it? Are you thinking of taking any actions?

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    Feb 17 2013: Inspired by a friend and two Indian graduates of MIT, I conducted an experiment of living for a week on a daily spending of Rupees 100 (less than $2) for myself. It had been pretty tough but I could manage it and the results are pretty interesting. It gave me an altogether new view towards life and a loss of weight by 1 kilogram, which is fine by me.
    This frugality in living is the one thing I want myself/my family/community/society/country to change to.
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    Gail .

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    Feb 16 2013: On November 25, 2011, I decided to accept a goal for self that was worthy of me. It took some time to come to terms with my being worthy of it (in that my cultural indoctrination says that no one can attain that - so there was fear of even thinking the thought, then more fear of attempting attainment). But as I tell people, "walk TOWARD your fears", so I did.

    I started investing several hours a day to its achievement. It meant changing my habitual thoughts and habitual behavior patterns. The change in me and in my whole life is amazing so far, though I have a way to go before I see myself aligning with my new ideal.

    Ultimately, because all are one, that effort will not be wasted.

    It is not our smallness that we fear the most. It is our greatness.
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      Feb 18 2013: What was that goal you accepted? It sounds very interesting to me, can you add some details?
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    Feb 17 2013: I would like teenagers to have something to be passionate about. If you want something in life with passion, you will most likely dig your way or illuminate your own path to find your way. It makes me so depressed when I see teenagers confused and giving up on life.
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      Feb 17 2013: I am father of a teenaged son. The first thing that a young person should be encouraged to adopt is positivism. This positivism is not discarding things on grounds of negativity but the skill of living undeterred amidst such things. Passion is a force of character and I believe every young person has it (unless with a medical psychological condition) but just like a physical force it needs an objective point of application, no matter whether it is positive or negative in direction. A positive minded young person will never give up on life.
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    Feb 16 2013: .
    That change would be from our instincts insensible to INVALID (ineffective, harmful) happiness into sensible.
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      Gail .

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      Feb 16 2013: Would you mind trying to restate your sentence? This one doesn't make much sense to me. Are you proposing a three-phase change? From instincts that you see as irrational to a false sense of happiness then into a rational life (be it for you or for the world)?
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        Feb 17 2013: .
        Thanks a lot.
        I am very glad to restate it.

        I think our instincts (our ancestors' successful experiences saved in DNA) do not sense (detect, identify) what invalid happiness is, because our ancestors did not have experienced and saved it in our DNA.

        Such as the happiness of having junk food, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, taking drug, .... being greedy, making too much money, causing inequality, making environment crisis, destructing our planet, .... doing human self-extinction.

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    Feb 15 2013: Well I mean that a great deal of people as I see in my country that have power and can be counted as rich and capable , they dont think about the under privileged
    and there should be something that bridges this gap , and actuelly there is . I dont want to make this a religous conv. But there is a solutiin to this made buy islam but nobody or few do it, that every one who have money that he store must share a percentage of it to the poor and needy
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      Feb 16 2013: I am glad I asked for clarification, as I misunderstood when you said "bridge." I thought you meant a strategy for interconnecting people in a personal way from different socioeconomic categories.

      From your explanation it sounds like you mean a transfer of money or food or whatever you are thinking of from the more affluent to those in need.

      I think many religions have a practice something like what you describe.
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    Feb 15 2013: I would try to eleminate poverty an establish a bridgr between the rich and the underprivileged
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      Feb 15 2013: What do you mean, Ali, by "establish a bridge?"
  • Feb 15 2013: I would remove money as a trade system, go back to a barter based economy.

    some say love is what makes the world go round, other say it is money which makes the world go round.
    I say it is the love of money which causes virtually all of the negative aspects of our modern lives.

    we have become addicted to so much in this age, (thats the entertainment age, not the information age)
    and these addictions will not be sustained, so a slow type transition towards a modern barter system would be good i think