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Is it possible there is a natural balance that must take place in our lives, in our very souls in order for the earth to operate.

We all understand the balance of nature, but does it go deeper than that? Is it necessary to have a balance between weak and strong? Brave and coward? Smart and not? Friend and foe?
We have all seen balance in action in the form of opposites attracting. But have you noticed in normal life how when one person shifts their thoughts or actions, how another person in the group picks it up?
If one parent is too lenient, the other is too harsh.
If one child is too energetic, one is too quiet.
Perhaps these things are beyond our control as Mother Nature is forcing the balances between us, whether we like it or not.
Could balance be why some people will move away from family, switch jobs, become a saint or a sinner?

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    Feb 15 2013: Nature just does not care that much. We will all live and die and the earth will continue without us. Even if we destroy it while we are here. All is constant on this planet. There is no more here than when we arrived and there will be no more here after we leave. Nature is balance no matter what we do or how we behave.
  • Feb 21 2013: Yes it is possible
    but I think that if we were to find this balance, we would no longer be aware of this plane or level of existence.
    We would be aware of, or vibrating in or with, the balance itself and that would be a vastly different state of awareness
    and consciousness.
    I've always thought the experience of experiencing life is like being able to walk on water. One is constantly being off-balance and constantly looking for balance, and constantly finding and regaining balance before being off-balance once again.

    How is a large ego and a puny ego the same?
    They are both unhealthy or off-balance.
    A balanced ego neither needs, feels a lack of or desires to grow or shrink.
    And that is a really different way of being, at least on this planet and on this plane and in this state of awareness.
    The planet, meaning we humans, wouldn't work so much as we would just "be"
    And there is. There is a "B"
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    Feb 20 2013: But, mother nature is not balanced. I see the idea of balance in our lives as the fortitude to live at peace with the seemingly opposites. If you look at nature at it's core there is a dialectics working. Nothing flows unless there is a difference of potentials or imbalance. So from natures point of view balance means end of story.
    This is true if you consider the idea of entropy from thermodynamics.
  • Feb 16 2013: Enjoying all your comments.
    I believe we all agree there is balance.
    Can man control that balance? Change it for good? For evil?
    If one man becomes evil, does another become good?
    Are we the only species who can knock things out of balance through our will.
    Mother Nature is the keeper of balance.
    How far will Mother Nature let us go before SHE takes us all out.
    I don't think man will remove man from earth, I think Mother Nature will.
    Because we have wrested her power. And caused damage in the process.
    We don't want her dictating whether we are hot or cold.
    We don't allow her to decide who lives and who dies.
    There is some precedence towards believing Mother Nature has had enough of man.
    Tsunamis, earthquakes, asteroids, floods, droughts, tornadoes,,,
    It is possible she will end it all and start all over again., as Linda suggested.
    Wouldn't that be something to see....
    Sorry if there are mispellings or bad grammer :) , using cell..
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    Feb 16 2013: I have not noticed the children or social group aspects as much, but I do notice the balance in personal life. I think there are Ted talks on this as well, but I forget specifically which ones.

    I love the idea of balance and it is amazing how it influences so many things. It is good to be in shape, but to much exercise (running marathons, extreme sports) wears the body out. Optimism vs pessimism Its good to be optimistic when buying that house and think you will get it, but pessimistic enough to watch the contract and perform your inspections.

    The balance idea you propose does bring up perhaps a philosophical way of viewing things. Is it good to be only vegetarian, OR should we eat meat? Perhaps a balance. Democrat vs Republican?. Perhaps a balance.

    Is it a "natural" balance? hmm. perhaps we as a species are one of the few life forms on earth that can consciously throw or lives out of balance in many ways. This brings to mind an old philosophical idea that the misery of man (or the individual) is natures way of telling us that we are out of balance. And, we should not search for happiness, but balance.
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    Gail .

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    Feb 16 2013: If you look at the world from the viewpoint of the separations that we see between us is illusion, then there can be no other way for the world to work. One person changes a viewpoint, and the entire universe shifts to make way for it (perhaps in this way creating time).
  • Feb 16 2013: As Tonto told the Lone Ranger, " What do you mean we." Okay, that's an old joke, but congruence is often lacking in the real world.