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The use of shock advertising by social marketers is an effective strategy to change behavior. Or has it contrary/counter effects?

For my graduation assignment I will research the topic of shock advertising in the Western European non profit sector. The use of shock advertising in social marketing raises besides ethical questions another: Have shocking and fear appealing advertising strategies in the non-profit sector the intended effects?

In this paper I want to research the effectiveness of shock and fear appealing advertisements used in the Western European non-profit sector. Another point I want to research is what methods and strategies can lead to optimum results and can improve the likelihood of changing behaviors without leading to anxiety or resistance. Furthermore, examining the effectiveness of the methods, one which focus on the physical elements of fear and one that focus on the social elements of fear in the advertisements.

With creating a debate about this specific subject I want to reach a number of objectives besides input for my research:
1. Receive notice of the different approaches
2. Seeking for truth with the exchange of information
3. Finding the relevance of the topic
4. Creating a meaningful opinion and create recommendations

Please leave your comments, suggestions and ideas about this topic and lets enjoy this debate.


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    Feb 25 2013: Road safety?

    Shoot a tv commercial where two guys are walking across a pedestrian crossing then jump shot to where a car filled with pimple-less attractive skinny, hipped out kids carousing and taking vids and shooting pixs of each other as well as singing until the driver and passenger decide to take a pix of themselves and then they run over the two guys. The car screams to a tree and folds up. Now shoot the commercial all on smartphones from many different angles make sure the car is a modern vehicle to show what a high speed impact looks like. Cgi a figure smashing through the windscreen.
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      Mar 11 2013: This actually happen in some road safety advertisments, but do you think it is effective?
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        Mar 11 2013: Yes and after a while the shock wears off but the add is not about phones but aimed at how modern cars generally don't let you walk away from a crash. What advertisers should show is the blanket that covers a car when there has been a fatality, the blanket is the shocker.

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