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Why do some of us think we are not worthy?

Why should we always or almost always feel second or not enough?


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I honestly think that it IS the enviroment we grow up in. which is why I at the age of sixteen am determined to find out and work on myself, so that my future children will know what a person self vindicated looks like then possibly want it for themselves. I AM NOT PERFECT. and I like that.

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    Feb 15 2013: Some people grow up and live in an environment that encourages them to believe they are forever inadequate or that they never live up to their potential. This feeling, then, might stay with them.

    Some people believe they should always do their best but then don't. This then may produce a cascade of negative feelings about themselves.

    But your question (before I read your elaboration) brought a different thought to my mind first. That is, many people believe that it is unfair to for outcomes to be based on luck rather than effort. A person might feel unworthy, then, of an opportunity if he sees it offered to him while a harder working and in his judgment more capable person is passed over.
    • Feb 18 2013: I think this is a fair answer.
      I believe Ayn Rand has mentioned something about that feeling of guilt someone may feel if they've incurred some sort of 'injustice'... and by injustice I mean an unfairness; something not owed to them. People usually feel this whether the consequence is perceived as positive or negative, but an emotional reaction is dependent on the interpretation of course though.

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