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if you only had one more day to live, with an unlimited budget, what would you do?

What are the top most priorities in people's lives if they have just one day to live? This opens up some very interesting possibilities and gleans into the human psychology. In today's highly networked and globally connected world, I wonder what the answers would be from people of different countries, cultures and diversities. I don't want to say what kind of answers I want and pollute the conversation. Just answer this question and encourage others to do the same.

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    Feb 16 2013: Unlimited budget?
    Set up organizations to facilitate ALL people in our world having clean drinking water, food, and shelter.
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    Feb 15 2013: Budget is unlimited while time remaining is not ..interesting hypothetical situation.
    Shall make a list of all whom I love and shall note down their geographical locations ,Their material essential needs ,Hire a supersonic jet ,a crew and write out a loving last message ,then spend my last day meeting each and every one
    i have loved ,or messed up my relationship with ,share money and give my message to all for them to keep ,let them click pictures if they want ,My husband and kids i am sure will want to be with me the whole day ...so it will be our best day together ...wow i am excited wish this cld be for real !!!! Dr Mitra Saxena W/O Dr Adesh Saxena
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      Feb 15 2013: Very thoughtful. Why not do this? (maybe in parts!?)
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        Feb 15 2013: Raam we are doing it as and when time and money allows.Live as you have to die tomorrow and learn as you have to live forever.
  • Feb 15 2013: I would first of all set up Trust funds with trustworthy people, so they could and would continue working out the detail after my precious day was long gone.
    I would set up the building and provision of good quality schools and higher education throughout Africa, India, and all the developing or proverty stricken areas. I would set up subsidies and multiple scholarships.
    I would instigate the design and execution of 'Small Cities' all over the world that were environmently sound, and beautiful.
    I would finance all 'ethical banks' (as they are known here) - with micro loans and promotion of local and socially helpful initiatives, and expand or clone this banking sector. I would promote local self-reliance and stable communities at every turn.
    I would Discourage travel and transport expansion, but focus development for instance on rural branch lines, and seek to reduce noise and air pollution.
    I would dismantle the NHS asap, and set up a system similar perhaps to France etc, to put the patient back in control of their care. I would retrain all nurses and care assistants with the priority for empathy, psychology and emotional intelligence - and improve their working conditions.
    I would set up or build Care Villages for the elderly...everywhere.
    I would finance many good, smaller charities that are already set up and running with good ideas.
    I would finance lots of TED people with their great ideas-worth-sharing...
    I would start a campaign to grow roses in every front garden in every house or building in every city all over the world. The Rose would be a symbol of Rosa Mundi....what we all have in common, not our differences.

    Well, that's for starters. I'll continue with what's left of my Day......
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      Feb 15 2013: Great thoughts. Well... would you consider starting your tasks in a small way and make it into a passion?
      • Feb 15 2013: I have always been passionate about my ideas...from one year old, my mother said!
        I will be spreading my idea of the Rose soon...
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    Feb 15 2013: I find it impossible to answer the question without incriminating myself.
  • Feb 16 2013: Just take a nice long walk along the beach with my dog and remember all the wonderful things that have happened in my life. I am being very honest in my ans. The unlimited budget could buy what I have experienced in my life nor add to it.
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    Feb 15 2013: Loved you answer.
  • Feb 15 2013: Maybe I shouldn't tell you Good answer Peter.
  • Comment deleted

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      Feb 15 2013: Cool. How do you intend to do that?
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        Feb 16 2013: .
        I think invalid happiness causes all kinds of evil (greed, inequality, wars. environment crisis, .... human self-extinction).
        It prevents keeping our DNA alive ---- the goal of life.

        Sorry,I wrongly deleted my original comment of
        “Spend all the money to make people know what the invalid (ineffective, untrue, unreal) happiness is".

        (For INVALID (ineffective) happiness, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 14, at https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D&id=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D%21283&sc=documents)