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How do you build offline meaningful social connections?

There are many life transitions which trigger the necessity to make new friends- a geographic move, retirement, new job, divorce, etc. How does one establish meaningful friendships - relationships where you both are able to talk about what's really happening in your life rather than Facebook-type status updates?

The US and other nations are seeing an increase in the numbers of people living alone and studies are showing increased loneliness in society as a whole- it affects people regardless of age and marital status. For all those seeking meaningful social connections and stronger social ties, this is an important question. I think building social capital is very important. What is the glue that makes for meaningful social connections?


Closing Statement from Lisa Cook

I was fortunate to have the chance to share my story at TEDxMahtomedi!

Hope you'll watch my talk and share your ideas on making meaningful connections. Let's keep the conversation going!


Lisa Cook

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    Mar 4 2013: Get a giant hat in the shape of a pirate ship. If by the time you leave wherever it was you went to meet people and they're are not cheering for the awesome person with the crazy pirate ship hat, something is terribly wrong. At which point
    I'd advise you to not throw chairs at people, punch them, or talk about your bowel movements. Refrain from those types of actions and wear the pirate ship hat (or something equally ridiculous) and there's no reason why you shouldn't have made at least 10 friends.

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