adesh saxena

Consultant ENT Surgeon, Indian Medical Association


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Why did you join TED?

I have just joined TED . I believe it will help me grow as a person. I promised myself to watch a recent Ted Talk daily and write my thoughts. Only problem seems to be taking time out from my daily schedule as Surgeon.
Why you joined it and what is your experience so far?
Also every one will be interested to know brief history from TED team , how it all begain, and their experience so far.

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    Feb 15 2013: TED is a great platform to learn and enhance ones knowledge beyond. Good luck!
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    Feb 17 2013: I enjoy the conversations because you get such a wide variety of interesting questions and responding to them forces you to think about what you think, believe, know. Also answering them you get to share your life and valuable experiences.
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    Feb 15 2013: Is this the history you want? It's from About Ted, which you can also click above: