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Should we trust the invisible hand?

James B Glattfelder outlines an emergent entity in his study of transnational company data.

Is this entity trustworthy?

Please state your reasons for trust or otherwise on the assumption that this emergent entity exists.

I'd also be interested in your opinion of whether the entity outlined in the math is essentially separate from the people who created it?


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    Feb 20 2013: Please be tolerant: English is just my 3rd language and sometimes I have some problems understanding exactly what you mean. However I do like this ways facing the social problem mostly created by a quite incomplete and wrongly based economics: GDP include positively what is in fact a cost and issued money is out of control due to ignored speculations and transactions.
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      Feb 20 2013: yes.

      Most people put assets on the wrong side of the ledger .. it is the boundary of social capital - which is not counted .. we call it "intangible" .. hey ho - and don't you dare include contingency in your project budget application!!!

      Most money is spent on "credibility" it is a creature that can eat more money than people can create!

      This suggests animals that reside in FcP and PcF .. we are not well aware of them because we are stuck in C-C1 for all our substantive planing together .. we had best find a more succesful way to do business.

      For my part, i am resolved to disolve the myth of rationality. Life works better than rationality - there is much more to learn than we would wish.

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