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Should we trust the invisible hand?

James B Glattfelder outlines an emergent entity in his study of transnational company data.

Is this entity trustworthy?

Please state your reasons for trust or otherwise on the assumption that this emergent entity exists.

I'd also be interested in your opinion of whether the entity outlined in the math is essentially separate from the people who created it?


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  • Feb 19 2013: Nope. The invisible hand ends up buying everything and everyone in the end, the only way to deal with it is to intervene.

    The modern videogame industry is essentially criminally corrupt because capitalism has conquered democratic governments the world over so the laws are made by lobbyists and corporate think tanks.

    Just because things "emerge" and "happen naturally" doesn't mean the institutions are dealing fairly in anyway. There are so many industries getting away with massive crimes against their customers.
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      Feb 19 2013: Hi Bob,

      It looks that way.

      The viodeogame industry seems to be a result of a real-estate bubble in intellectual property.
      The notion of property always seems to result in the entrance of parasitic entities.
      Property has 2 forms: compassion and violence.
      Property defended by compassion remains true to purpose.
      Property defended by violence is vulnerable to parasites which divert the purpose.

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