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Should we trust the invisible hand?

James B Glattfelder outlines an emergent entity in his study of transnational company data.

Is this entity trustworthy?

Please state your reasons for trust or otherwise on the assumption that this emergent entity exists.

I'd also be interested in your opinion of whether the entity outlined in the math is essentially separate from the people who created it?


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    Feb 17 2013: Just to kick things along a bit.

    As you probably can tell - this is a thread concerning the invisible hand of the natural market - first recognised by Adam Smith. It might help those contributing here to visit Smith's work - at least in precis.

    The other thing worth looking at is this link provided by Theodore A. Hoppe.
    It is a crash-course on complexity theory. It includes units on Chaos theory, Network theory, and what are called "self organising systems" - such as the invisible hand of natural markets.
    I highly recommend this - it is a basis of a 21st century language distinct from the new renaissance syntax of communication.
    The goal is to get everyone literate in the symbols relevant to what is actually hapening all around us right now -

    and an invitation to actually participate.

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